beachfront coastal holiday home on Birubi Beach

The beachhouse

Selah@AnnaBay celebrates the ocean, the sunshine and the beautiful natural environment. A beachfront 4 bedroom property at the northern end of Birubi beach. From sublime natural beauty to freshly caught seafood, Port Stephens is a wonderful seaside escape overseeing the sparkling blue Pacific. 

Traverse the rocky coastline where the ebb and flow of the tides cut caverns into the earth.

Perch amid coastal scrub and delight in the dance of the whales.

Breakfast with pods of dolphins catching the early sets.

Immerse yourself in a watery spa of salt, wind and shell

Catch childhood memories of seaside days as the sun bounces around the whitewash and kids splash and run with abandon

Build sandcastles that keep safe moats and pebbles and shells

Revere the evening worship of the setting sun

Fill the evenings with friends & food, drinks & laughter

Slumber to the gentle lullaby of the wind and waves.

We look forward to your stay.

Dianna & Peter